Larry Forkner
Wendel Wright

Wendel Wright

The Wendel Wright Chronicles is a best selling series of 6 fantasy/adventure books written for young adults (though the series is beloved by children and adults alike) by author, Larry Forkner.

The series stars Wendel Wright, a fifteen year old boy who discovers he has magical powers when he is swept away to a parallel world.

Book Synopsis for Portal to Mescalahem (Book One):
“Fifteen-year-old Wendel Wright and his family are forced to move to an old house nestled into a deep forest on the Oregon Coast, after his father dies in a tragic accident. The discovery of a magnificent but eerie old tree house, hidden in the heart of the forest, is about to change Wendel’s life forever. The mysterious tree house transports him to a dangerous parallel world where, inexplicably, he discovers he has powerful supernatural abilities. Alone and scared, Wendel is taken in by freedom fighters, who believe he is destined to deliver them from the growing tyranny of their land. But his new found friends are not the only ones aware of Wendel’s arrival. An ancient evil is seeking to destroy Wendel, before he can discover who he really is and fulfill his destiny.”


All six books (in chronological order) Portal to Mescalahem, He Who Would Come, The Cimmerian Curse, The Lost ContinentMusterion’s Dark Union and Arithor are available for purchase at